Chevrolet GPiX Concept Revealed In Brazil

Chevy revealed the GPiX — for Global Picture — crossover concept at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in Brazil earlier this week. The two-door crossover offers high ground clearance for traversing the stumps of burned-out rainforests, and was designed at GM's Brazilian design center using Chevy's new international design… » 10/31/08 1:30pm 10/31/08 1:30pm

Chevy Orlando Concept Unveiled In Paris, Shows What Pontiac Aztek Could Have Been

Yeah, we said it: The Chevy Orlando Concept » 10/03/08 12:20pm 10/03/08 12:20pm shown here on the floor is the spiritual successor to the . And in this case, we mean that as a complement: The Aztek had a ton of great interior features going for it, and the Chevy Orlando takes that post-minivan people-mover spirit and wraps it in sharp-looking sheet…