Astronaut Delivers Camaro Pace Car Via Chinook Helicopter

Marine Col. Doug Hurley piloted the Endeavour space shuttle, flew a Chinook helicopter to the Dickies 500, and then drove out of the back in a Chevy Camaro Pace Car. It was the most interesting thing to happen all day. » 11/09/09 9:15am 11/09/09 9:15am

Camaro Pace Cars Have Brake Weights, Crazy Wheel Imbalance

You might think the General would have addressed the brake weights added to the Chevy Camaro's squealing calipers for their Indy 500 pace cars. You'd be wrong, because these have those plus a ton of weights for actual wheel balancing. » 5/24/09 8:00am 5/24/09 8:00am