Is Chevron's Cyclopian Motorcycle Creepy?

Yesterday, our own Patrick George texted me a picture of an Chevron ad he saw featuring Chevron’s anthropomorphic cars and now, a motorcycle, with the same basic treatment. But just one-eyed. Clyclopean. Patrick — jail-hardened Patrick — was frightened, confused, and maybe a little aroused. Was he right to be so? I’m… » 7/06/15 2:23pm 7/06/15 2:23pm

Letterman's Cue Card Boy Talks Gas Prices With Head Of Chevron

With everyone still consumed by gas prices and no foreseeable end in sight, David Letterman sent his cue card boy Tony Mendez to Chevron's headquarters to talk gas prices with the company's CEO. The payoff is pretty great and the key that this is obviously a fake. Ignoring that the person claiming to be David J.… » 6/20/08 12:30pm 6/20/08 12:30pm

Hello, Chevron! Big Oil Gets Bigger on the DJIA

Funny, isn't it, with all this talk of "Peak Oil" and alternative energy, how profitable it still is to market the planet's reserves of ancient liquified dinosaur remains? Dow Jones has announced that it's kicking Altria (see "Marlboro Man") and Honeywell off the vaunted Dow Jones Industrial Average and replacing them… » 2/11/08 1:00pm 2/11/08 1:00pm