Awful ’93 Camaro Bodykit Is The Most Awful Thing That Ever Awfuled

We bring you lots of things every day here on Jalopnik, like news, photo galleries and car reviews. But not all of the things we show you can be good things. Sometimes, we have to horrify you just a little bit. It helps keep things in perspective. How can you know joy when you haven't tasted pain? » 9/29/12 11:15am 9/29/12 11:15am

If You Could Build A Car For Bank Robbery, What Would It Be?

That's the question Trenton New Jersey's Sean Rich asked, as he set upon his 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle. He was already half-way there; the early '70s marked Detroit's most sinister-looking half-decade, with the Chevelle sharing its ominous styling with dead-mobster rides like the Lincoln Continental MkIV, Buick… » 6/29/12 3:30pm 6/29/12 3:30pm