This Chevy Equinox Ad Reminds Us No One Wants To Hear Your Messages

When news broke that Chevy was going to flood the Winter Olympics coverage with new commercials, I decided to make even less of an effort to watch the games. But it turns out the ads have been good, including the one with the gay families and the Traverse. This one for the Equinox is a great lesson in revealing too… »2/21/14 8:00pm2/21/14 8:00pm


2010 Chevy Equinox Testing In Nearly Showroom Ready Guise

The 2010 Chevy Equinox »9/17/08 5:50pm9/17/08 5:50pm has done the full monty and dropped all semblance of camouflage in these first, largely unobscured images of the new Theta platform crossover. The Equinox appears to be missing a few trim panels and manages to be "lane restricted" on the test track, but this is pretty much what we'll be looking…

Rick Wagoner Unwraps First Shots Of Chevy Cruze, Cadillac SRX

In the now-infamous press conference from General Motors this morning, Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner not only spelled out GM's strategy to save itself from impending doom, but also revealed pretty much every upcoming GM vehicle that hadn't already been shown to the public. This includes the first photos of the 2010… »7/15/08 4:40pm7/15/08 4:40pm

Hindenberg Anyone? GM Offers Free Fuel-Cell Cars to Consumers

Once again taking the free sample approach, the company that killed the electric car has decided to give 1,000 drivers the chance to drive the hydrogen-powered Equinox SUV's for three months. The company will also offer free hydrogen services (because who has hydrogen lying around the house?). The catch, other than… »11/01/07 5:45pm11/01/07 5:45pm