The 2016 Camaro Is Coming And It Definitely Has A Rear

Questions, existential questions have been swirling through my mind in recent days. Mostly because I’ve been sick and I’ve been taking a lot (I mean a lot) of NyQuil, but also, ALSO, because the 2016 Chevy Camaro is almost upon us. Mainly, I’ve been wondering if it has a butt. And the answer today is, it does!!!! » 4/30/15 10:44am 4/30/15 10:44am

The 2016 Camaro Will Be At Least 200 Pounds Lighter Than The Old One

The outgoing Chevrolet Camaro is good at a lot of things, like burnouts and sending people to jail for speeding and keeping up with Porsches on the race track. One thing it isn't is light — your average Camaro SS comes in around 3,900 pounds. Fortunately, the 2016 Camaro stands to lose "more than 200 pounds" on its… » 3/30/15 9:27am 3/30/15 9:27am

Bathing In Your Own Sweat Sucks Way Less When You Win The Race

Modern race cars often come equipped with cool suits that circulate water through tubes close to the driver's skin, making hot, muggy locales like Sebring somewhat bearable. Sometimes they fail. Stevenson Motorsports' number 6 Chevrolet Camaro became a rolling sauna on the grid, but they won anyway. » 3/26/15 6:15pm 3/26/15 6:15pm

Old Cars Like A 1968 Camaro Can Give You A Reason To Go To College

When you're working as a pizza guy and just got yourself a '68 Camaro that's seen better days, after naming her Lucy, you start to learn by doing simply because pepperoni won't pay for a paint shop. Adam Martin even ended up taking a car restoration course at Mcpherson College because of his car. » 1/21/15 4:40pm 1/21/15 4:40pm

This Is How Hard You Have To Hit A Camaro Key To Turn It Off

Earlier today General Motors announced they will recall all the 511,528 current-generation Chevrolet Camaros on the road because they say a driver can inadvertently switch the car off by hitting the key fob. It turns out I have a 2014 Camaro SS press car in my garage right now, so I went out to see if I could… » 6/13/14 2:01pm 6/13/14 2:01pm