Chevy's Secret HoverTrax Floating Car Leaked Due To Website Error 

I knew it. GM's been sitting on hovercar technology for years, and they're just about to release it. How do I know? Because some IT person got sloppy and pushed the HoverTrax images to Chevy's website before the announcement at the New York Auto Show. I mean, just look! That's a hovering Trax! » 3/26/15 2:37pm Thursday 2:37pm

See The Chevy Suburban Grow Up In This Great Gallery Of Every Generation

A black 2015 Chevrolet Suburban was just dubbed the 10 millionth vehicle built at GM's Arlington Assembly Center. You don't care, but apparently that gave Chevy the excuse they needed to share this amazing photo album of the big, beloved SUV's last eleven generations. Enjoy! » 3/25/15 2:45pm Wednesday 2:45pm

How Fast Are Those Funny-Looking IndyCars, Really?

We've seen the new IndyCar aerokits for this year, but how do the cars drive with all those fancy add-ons? Well, for one, they make Barber Motorsports Park look like a go-kart track when they run it in what appears to be fast-forward. Here's an onboard from this week's test. Enjoy. » 3/19/15 5:45am 3/19/15 5:45am

Heavy Duty 2016 Chevy Suburban Confirmed, For Serious Business Only

Here Is Why Chevrolet Dealers Aren't Going To Be Like Tesla Stores

Normally when the dealerships versus Tesla debate props up, I'm on Elon's side. But a recent Forbes article that compares buying a Chevy Volt and a Tesla is not only an unfair, it's myopic. Chevy dealers aren't anything like Tesla stores, but that doesn't mean that Chevy are doing something wrong. » 3/16/15 3:31pm 3/16/15 3:31pm

GM Dumps 100,000 Mile Powertrain Warranty Because It Didn't Sell Cars

If you recently purchased a new General Motors vehicle, were you lured in by their five year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty? If the answer is "Not really," you aren't alone. GM switched to that warranty plan in 2007, but it's being downgraded because it apparently wasn't helping to move cars. » 3/12/15 11:12am 3/12/15 11:12am

Mid-Engine Corvette Zora, 2016 Camaro Teased on TV?

On the latest episode of Velocity's Americarna, host Ray Evernham was given a tour of GM's design facilities by Global Vice President of Design, Ed Welburn. » 3/10/15 10:53pm 3/10/15 10:53pm

Why wanna have a Chevy Impala when you can have the Chevy Opala?

There are over 50 million cars cruising and crashing on Brazilian streets at the moment. Most are looking boring, some look promising. In 2010 the General Motors Corporation had a market share in Brazil of about 20 percent, as much as Volkswagen. As one of the largest manufacturers on this earth with a broad range of… » 3/10/15 4:56am 3/10/15 4:56am

Chip Foose’s Ridler Award Winner Is A Total ‘Imposter’

Legendary car designer and customizer Chip Foose took home the Ridler Award this past weekend at the 63rd annual Maguiar's Detroit Autorama. This marks the 4th time Foose has won the premier award in the last 13 years. » 3/09/15 1:43pm 3/09/15 1:43pm

Why Stupid Special Editions Are Actually Pretty Brilliant

Chevy has already crapped out so many Special Edition 2015 Colorado and Silverado pickup trucks it's getting ridiculous, and according to their marketing folks "that's a trend that's going to continue." Other automakers are almost as guilty. I'm starting to think... they may be on to something. » 3/06/15 2:10pm 3/06/15 2:10pm

Why Is Chevrolet Sending Their Dealers To Disney?

Many of you who have gone car shopping have encountered some interesting characters on the sales-floor. But for the past four years Chevrolet has been taking advice from Mickey Mouse and Goofy in order to make your car-buying experience more pleasant. I guess it really is a small world after all. » 2/19/15 8:08am 2/19/15 8:08am

The GM IndyCar Aero Kit Looks Like A Big-Boned F1 Car From 2008

The Chevrolet IndyCar aero kit for the DW12 is, uh, angular. Lots and lots of angles and flaps—so much so that it reminds us of the Formula One racers from almost a decade ago. Moreover, we're still not really sure why this is the big issue the series chose to tackle for 2015. » 2/17/15 6:02pm 2/17/15 6:02pm

GM's Hilariously Awkward History Of Failing At Sports Sponsorships

After cringing through GM "spokesman" Rikk Wilde's laughably bad — yet surprisingly endearing — World Series presentation, then watching the company turn it into a great ad campaign, we thought "Ok, maybe they know what they're doing." Closer examination confirms... maybe not. » 2/16/15 3:26pm 2/16/15 3:26pm

This 1957 Off-Road Trip Up Pike's Peak Is Old-School American Awesome

Ah, the 50's. Men were men, videos all sounded like they were narrated through a carnival megaphone, and Chevy was starting to sell more trucks with four-wheel-drive. GM was so fired up to prove their off-road prowess that they took a couple pickups bushwhacking all the way up Pike's Peak.… » 2/04/15 5:35pm 2/04/15 5:35pm

Chevrolet Vehicles Will Soon Predict Breakdowns Before They Happen

Through the use of in-vehicle sensors and the OnStar system, General Motors' customers already get monthly updates on the health of their vehicles and alerts to potential problems. But the company is now looking to take preventative vehicle maintenance even further with a new system that promises to pinpoint potential… » 1/04/15 7:00pm 1/04/15 7:00pm

2016 Chevrolet Volt: This Is It

If there was any doubt that the car is the ultimate mobile device, GM just eliminate it with a sneak peek of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt at the Consumer Electronics Show. The new Volt – which is set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week – made a 30-second appearance on stage in Vegas, but GM didn't deliver any… » 1/04/15 11:55pm 1/04/15 11:55pm

This Work Van Is Hilariously Disguised As A Sports Car

Inside every van is a sports car, just waiting to be set free. Except when the sports car's on the outside... as in, painted onto the outside. Either way, this is a great use of the big blank canvas on this Chevy Astro. » 12/23/14 10:39am 12/23/14 10:39am

Watch A 1983 Chevy Pickup Run A Screaming 10-Second Quarter Mile

There's an elegance to the simplicity of a street truck. There's really nothing to 'em besides seats, wheels, in the case of this 1983 Chevy C/K... a big honking 650 horsepower turbocharged engine. » 12/18/14 5:35pm 12/18/14 5:35pm

If GM Wants To Sell More Sport Sedans, They Should Listen To This Guy

The Chevrolet SS (that's for Sport Sedan, don't get it confused with something else like a Camaro) could be a real seller for General Motors... If only they weren't so inept at actually telling us why we want to buy one. Reader Logansteno, somehow still a GM fan, tells it like it is. » 11/30/14 9:31am 11/30/14 9:31am

This 1961 Corvair Lakewood Wagon Should Be Called Sparky

Michael Plushnik used to work at a carwash, saw a Cadillac with "gangsta white walls", so he ended up building a rare Corvair Lakewood airbrushed and slammed to the ground. Being a wagon, it also remained a practical family hauler, sort of. » 11/27/14 3:30pm 11/27/14 3:30pm