It's Official Unless China Says It's Not: Chery To Make Itty-Bitty Cars For Chrysler Group

This deal's been in the works for what seems like forever. We'd even heard the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid was all set to go in October of this past year, but held off for "political reasons." So it's really no surprise that the deals' done — the DaimlerChrysler supervisory board's approved the… »2/27/07 9:57am2/27/07 9:57am

Chrysler Would Prefer A Chery-Flavored Hornet Rather Than Plain Chery

Negotiations have been going on for around a month between Chery and the Chrysler Group over what b-segment car the folks at Chery may build for the less-than-equal side of the "merger of equals." AutoWeek's reporting the folks at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid are a bit concerned over the quality… »2/20/07 10:46am2/20/07 10:46am

General Motors Provides "No Comment" On Chrysler Acquisition Rumors

We decided to call one of GM's masters of PR to ask about these rumors of a General Motors / Chrysler combination, but instead of providing a strong denial to the rumors begun early this morning, our sources at the General are doing nothing but claim "no comment." Not a "that's utterly preposterous" or even a… »2/14/07 2:01pm2/14/07 2:01pm

Every New Morning: Bricklin's China Plan Changes Again

If one thinks about it, the only truly great thing Malcolm Bricklin ever did was bring Subarus to America. Other than that, Yugo? The Bricklin? Entirely amusing vehicles, but only if other people own them. So who really expected his venture with Chery to succeed? Well, we kind of did. At least for a while. But now… »11/20/06 5:00pm11/20/06 5:00pm

Chrysler Boss: Company Even Closer to Choosing China's Chery to Build Subcompact

According to Automotive News. Chrysler's about as close to picking China's Chery Automobile to build its new subcompact model as it can be without actually, say, selecting them. The group's CEO Tom LaSorda told reporters in Beijing (hmm) that the car — a ~$14,000 model likely based on the Hornet Concept shown at this… »11/17/06 12:42pm11/17/06 12:42pm

China's Hybrid Race: Chery to Show Hybrid at Beijing Show, Others to Follow?

Will the third Sino-Japanese war be over hybrid cars? China's Chery Automobile just announced plans to show off its first hybrid car at the Auto China 2006 show in Beijing next week. While it's unclear if the system's been developed in house, or if it's a product of UK engineering firm Ricardo (as a report last year … »11/14/06 7:43am11/14/06 7:43am

Chrysler Considering Chinese Chery-Built Model for Global Markets?

Wha-oh. Is Chrysler getting ready to tap into the People's Most Cheap-Labor Market? That's the story coming from Automotive News, which reports Chrysler may be considering China's Chery Automobile to assembly a "small-car entry for global markets," according to supplier sources. No word on whether we'll see the cars… »5/08/06 10:12am5/08/06 10:12am

Big Dealer Says 'Woohoo!' About Wuhu: Ciasuilli Stoked on Visionary/Chery Deal

Tim Ciasulli, CEO of Planet Honda and head of the Visionary Vehicles Dealer Board is way stoked. Completely, utterly and totally stoked. Stoked the point of irrational stokedom, in fact. As the head of a a family-owned dealership chain which has sold nearly a million cars, he claims he's never seen an opportunity as… »12/01/05 2:10pm12/01/05 2:10pm