Spy Photos: 2008 Chery Crossover

It exists! Along with a sporty little hardtop convertible, one of the models in Malcolm Bricklin's plan to import Chinese-built Chery cars to the US is a crossover wagon, which Bricklin unveiled in concept form at the Shanghai motor show late last year. Now, The Car Connection has procured some shots of a… » 10/26/05 4:48pm 10/26/05 4:48pm

Bricklin Pops Chery Brand Before GM Can

According to Visionary Vehicles' spokeswoman Wendi "Oh Lord, Take Me Downtown, I'm Just Looking for Some" Tush, the Chery vehicles they're importing from China won't be branded as such in the US due to pressure from GM, who claim the word's too similar to "Chevy." "They're bigger than we are and they have more… » 9/21/05 12:17pm 9/21/05 12:17pm

Whither the Tin Men?: New Would-Be Chinacar Distributor Emerges

Former aluminum- siding salesmen (like those played by Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfuss) could be missing out on the business opportunity of the century, or at least ceding the nascent market to one of their ilk who made a mint in rustproofing during the 1980s (before crashing out, o'course). Hap Hirsh, former owner… » 9/01/05 1:36pm 9/01/05 1:36pm