Jeep Cherokee CRD Is An Overseas Oil-Burning Liberty

First lesson in Jalopnik readership — always have a camera at the ready. Like star tipster and reader Adam, who was quick to take a picture of a manufacturer-plated Jeep near Rochester Road and Big Beaver in Troy, MI earlier this week as he made his way home from a long day of widget-making or sprocket-mending. Adam… » 5/21/08 11:00am 5/21/08 11:00am

What's The Most Fun You've Ever Had Off Road?

The Willys Jeep Station Wagon and Syncro de Mayo got us thinking. Man, we love going off road. And while we're all about our fast, turbocharged AWD wagon, we do miss our old jeeps. Many muddy adventures come to mind, but we'll just run down a few. Going up Wheeler Gorge at age 7 in a FJ55 Land Cruiser while Broncos,… » 10/08/07 11:45am 10/08/07 11:45am

Spy Photos: 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

What's this familiar SUV spotted way the hell up in northern Scandinavia, near the Norwegian border? According to those familiar three letters, it's the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the CRD Diesel engine. That's the Benz-built 3.0-liter diesel, producing 215 hp and 376 lb.-ft. torque. Chrysler announced last month… » 2/15/07 8:08am 2/15/07 8:08am