Chrysler's Uconnect Vulnerable To Remote Hacking, But Don't Panic Yet 

As more and more cars become mobile, internet-connected appliances, they become more likely targets for remote hacking. Chrysler is hopefully realizing the seriousness of this, as a new Jeep Cherokee has been remotely hacked and pretty severely compromised, according to a story in Wired. But don’t panic just yet. » 7/21/15 1:56pm 7/21/15 1:56pm

How Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Handle a Hot Track Day?

I recently had the pleasure of spending two weeks and 4,000 miles on Rally North America in one of the greatest vehicles to ever come out of the US of A: the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. It's comfortable, fast, and full of practicality. But how does it handle a road course, at 4,500 feet of elevation, when it's 95… » 9/05/14 12:31pm 9/05/14 12:31pm

Making the case for a new 'hot hatch', the Jeep Cherokee SRT

Performance-badged specialty vehicles are niche products. You and I buy them, but we are the minority. We are a very foolish minority who throws thousands of dollars at automakers to make things go faster, buy those things, and then sell our bodies to fuel those things. Will work for gas. » 12/13/13 1:43pm 12/13/13 1:43pm

Was Chrysler Expecting A Negative Reaction To The New Jeep Cherokee?

After we exclusively revealed shots of the new Jeep Cherokee rolling off the assembly line, Chrysler released the official shots of the vehicle a few hours later and ahead of schedule. The reaction to the car — particularly its nose and headlights — hasn't been as positive as the Mopar folks probably wanted. But the… » 2/23/13 10:00am 2/23/13 10:00am

Squishy roads are no match for the 1979 Jeep Cherokee

The idea of using an SUV as a family car was still a fairly novel concept back in 1979. That didn't stop Jeep from singing the praises of their station wagon alternative Cherokee and it's family hauling ability. While conventional two wheel drive station wagons didn't have a chance of making it through squishy roads… » 6/25/11 9:00am 6/25/11 9:00am