Truckload of Flaming Goat Cheese Closes Tunnel In The Most Delicious…

A Norwegian tunnel turned into a mouth-watering hellish inferno of flavor and terror this past Thursday when a truck carrying 27 tons of Brunost burst into flames in the Bratli Tunnel at Tysfjord, Norway. Brunost is caramelized brown goat cheese, a Norwegian delicacy that apparently is also incredibly flammable, as… » 1/23/13 5:36pm 1/23/13 5:36pm

News Flash: JC Whitney Sells Cheese!

No, really. This has to be one of the best jokes on the part of a purchasing department ever. For the holidays, JC Whitney, purveyors of fur-covered automotive thamofrazzes, is selling an assortment of cheese baskets, ranging from the "Season's Greeting Holiday Gift Basket" to the "Finer Things Gourment Gift Basket."… » 11/13/06 10:45pm 11/13/06 10:45pm