Why So Many People Think Volkswagen Is Cheating In Global Rallycross

After Volkswagen was caught cheating its emissions tests with trick software, another rumor of Volkswagen cheatery popped up in motorsports. Could the Volkswagen team be using traction control to win at Global Rallycross, where driver aids such as traction control are expressly banned?
»10/02/15 4:46pm10/02/15 4:46pm

How Volkswagen Could Have Gotten Away With It

By now the full gravity of Volkswagen’s cheating the EPA’s emissions testing systems is out in the open, and while, sure, I’m appalled and disappointed, a perverse part of me is also kind of impressed. It’s a pretty clever cheat! But like all cheaters, VW got caught because they got lazy. I think I know how they could… »9/24/15 12:50pm9/24/15 12:50pm

Are NASCAR Teams Drilling Holes In Their Own Tires?

There's a rumor floating around the NASCAR paddock that teams are drilling tiny holes in their tires to maintain a more even tire pressure throughout the race, according to USA Today. I'm not sure how that would work without exploding into a horrifying tire-ball, but then again, I'm not a master of clever cheatin'. »3/28/15 11:00am3/28/15 11:00am

Judges Skeptical About Chard Beef Regal's Alleged 307 Small-Block: 100 Penalty Laps!

It turns out that the LeMons Supreme Court did »8/23/08 2:30pm8/23/08 2:30pm hand out a stiff penalty to at least one racer during the BS Inspection process… and whaddya know, it went to the ! For some inexplicable reason, a GM G-body with a so-called 307 Chevy aroused judicial suspicion, and the gavel fell . These guys obviously didn't read . But…