Not all tools are meant to be heirlooms

We all love finely made tools. Dad's old socket set. A nice crescent wrench pilfered from the tool kit of a long-forgotten motorcycle. These are not those tools. These are the knock-around and throwaway kinda tools you need to have close at hand when you just want a project finished, and you might not have known… »7/22/14 2:06pm7/22/14 2:06pm


The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: Cheap Tool Kits

Nothing says "Thanks Ma" like stripping the hell out of your wheel's lug nuts because you wanted to use a gift. These kits come in "all purpose" "auto specific" and "auto emergency" varieties and all come in a cheap plastic case. The thought is "Hey, this person loves tools, let's get 'em something big and heavy."… »11/23/07 11:40am11/23/07 11:40am