Love The Car You're With

What if you’re an enthusiast who, due to various circumstances of life, is unable to own an enthusiast’s car? Maybe you’re a student who can’t afford much besides school right now. Or maybe you can only have one car and the significant other, kids, and dog won’t all fit in your Miata. Or maybe you’ve fallen on hard… » 7/15/15 1:50pm 7/15/15 1:50pm

What's The Best Car Under $20,000?

We’ve talked about the best Midsize sedan for your money and the best performance car under $30,000, but we haven’t hit that magic number: What’s the best new car of any kind you can get for under $20,000? Doug DeMuro, Tavarish, Raphael Orlove and Travis’s new minion Bob Sorokanich debate the merits. » 7/01/15 6:00pm 7/01/15 6:00pm

A Dodge Viper Just Gave New Meaning To "Weight Reduction"

Have you ever looked at your 500+bhp sports car and said, "just not fast enough?" Some of you add engine upgrades in the pursuit of speed. Others try to reduce weight. We all know that guy: the dude who brags about how he deleted his back seats and replaced his fronts, rocks lightweight wheels and a lightweight… » 10/11/14 11:30am 10/11/14 11:30am

Why This Car Built From Other Cars Is The Perfect Design For Africa

Basic, rugged vehicles that are suited to the needs of undeveloped Africa have been talked about for quite a while, but have so far not really caught on in any quantity. The Turtle 1 is a bit different. It's designed to use whatever available scrap is handy, and can be built in simple, outdoor workshops. Plus, I… » 11/04/13 4:20pm 11/04/13 4:20pm

What's Your Favorite Sub $15K New Vehicle?

When we posted the video of the Non-dancing Chevrolet Aveo, it wasn't our intention to launch a conversation on the various merits of cheap cars. But since everyone is so excited about comparing Aveos to Scions and Citroens to Skodas we'll seize the zeitgeist and continue it here. And we understand this might be a… » 5/19/08 11:40am 5/19/08 11:40am

What's The Least You've Ever Paid For A Car?

In many cases, we don't choose our first cars. Our first cars are sometimes chosen for us as a sort of hand-me-down. The great Mercedes diesel sedan that got me through so much of high school was not necessarily up for a trip to college and, therefore, the family car shuffle resulted in an early 1990's Escort… » 4/24/08 11:40am 4/24/08 11:40am