Toyota Developing Super Cheapo Carbuilding Process

If you though the $6,000 Renault Logan was a breakthrough in mass cheapification, Toyota's got a message: Hold on to your centavos. According to President Katsuaki Watanabe, the company is developing a ground-up process of car building that will result in ultra-low-cost vehicles, and potentially, drive down costs… » 1/22/07 7:03am 1/22/07 7:03am

Holla From The Dolla Store: Cheap Rides Fo' Yo' Cheap Ass

We love the cheapness. Maybe it's just cause we're bloggers, living on coffee grinds, peanut butter and sugar packets — and once in a while — Yorba Mahte Lattes. But whatever the reason, if you're all about the cheap like us, the Freep's put together a nice li'l list of the cheapest rides around, both in dollar value… » 5/25/06 12:17am 5/25/06 12:17am