Welcome The Return Of The Classic Bond Car With Aston Martin's DB10

Nobody likes being tailgated while motoring. Especially somebody like James Bond, who is trained to be hyper conscious of his surroundings, who sees everything and everybody as a potential threat, and who is maybe even a little trigger happy sometimes. Don't tailgate James Bond. Especially if you're in a Jaguar C-X75… » 12/19/14 10:01am 12/19/14 10:01am

Woman Flattened By Own Van While Fleeing Police

Given the frequency with which police chases are aired on television, it is a bit of a surprise that Baker County, Florida senior citizen Mary B. Davis didn't know the proper way to bail out of a vehicle. Maybe she was upset that her son had been arrested after a domestic dispute call. Maybe it was because she was 63.… » 9/16/08 6:00pm 9/16/08 6:00pm

Osaka PD Learning From LAPD, Use 460 Patrol Cars To Catch One Toyota…

Hirofumi Fukuda learned yesterday that you do not screw with the Osaka Police. Wanted for allegedly assaulting some police officers earlier this week, his car was spotted driving recklessly through Central Osaka. Once police realized who it was they put a good chunk of the police force into action: 2,240 officers,… » 1/25/08 9:15am 1/25/08 9:15am

Bullitt Chase Sequence Mapped, Proves a Tough Route

Most car guys have watched the legendary chase sequence in the movie Bullitt enough times to have it memorized, but have you ever tried driving it? Our guess is that if you tried it and succeeded, you must have an early copy of the Moller M200 because unfortunately the route is impossible. An intrepid Google user… » 1/11/08 9:15am 1/11/08 9:15am

Cops Desperately Chase Stolen Krispy Kreme Truck

Sometimes, the jokes are just too easy. Yesterday, police officers in Madison Wisconsin were involved in a high speed chase with one Warren G. Whitelightning, drunk in a stolen Krispy Kreme truck (see, there are like nine jokes right there). Mr. Whitelightning (hehehehe) had previously had his license revoked after a… » 12/04/07 12:30pm 12/04/07 12:30pm

Cop Ends High-Speed Pursuit by Delivering Baby

When we hear "100 mph" and "Sheriff's Deputy" in the same story we tend to expect it to finish with some sort of horrific wreck or jail, so we were a bit shocked when we found this story of a car chase that resulted in a little girl named Claire Jeon. It all started when Davis County Deputy Cory Cox clocked a Mazda… » 11/08/07 5:15pm 11/08/07 5:15pm