25 Years Ago, Dale Earnhardt Received This Death Threat For His Ornery…

On May 17, 1987, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Bill Elliott swapped paint and made a place for themselves in NASCAR lore. The Winston, a newly created all-star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, came down to a sprint, with Earnhardt and Elliott jockeying for the lead. After bumping and nudging for two laps, Elliott got in… » 8/21/12 3:13pm 8/21/12 3:13pm

Ten Things Found In Charlotte Motor Speedway's Giant Sinkhole

Charlotte Motor Speedway's having some fun with the ginormous gaping sinkhole in the middle of their infield, putting out the following top ten list of things they've found in said earthly maw. » 10/08/10 10:45am 10/08/10 10:45am

Massive Sinkhole Threatens NASCAR Racetrack

A massive sinkhole at Charlotte Motor Speedway has swallowed up a large chunk of the infield. Speedway representatives say the sinkhole was likely caused by a combination of heavy rain and the track being built atop a landfill. » 10/06/10 1:15pm 10/06/10 1:15pm

NASCAR Team Slaps LeMons Sticker On Race Truck, Promptly Wrecks

We see quite a few NASCAR racers and crew at the South Carolina 24 Hours of LeMons events— apparently LeMons is a hot topic up in Charlotte— so it was inevitable that someone would LeMons-ize their "real" race machine. » 5/29/10 7:00pm 5/29/10 7:00pm