Detroit Auto Show: Changfeng Legion "steps on Detroit Auto Show for the second time," Still Without PR Firm

Oh boy, if you thought last year's press conference for Changfeng was filled with the hilarious Engrish, you ain't seen nothing yet. True, last year's presser — the first at the Detroit Auto Show from the Chinese automaker — was filled with all sorts of glorious revolutionary language (our fave is still when the… »1/14/08 3:40pm1/14/08 3:40pm

Detroit Auto Show: Merch Patrol, Changfeng Pomp and Circumstance

Apparently I am now a graduate of China's Liebro University, and all I had to do was attend the Changfeng (rhymes with "Wang Chung") press conference here in Detroit and pick up my tassel. The Chinese automaker made another bid for acceptance in the Detroit community, showing off two cars, the Liebro CS7 crossover SUV… »1/14/08 2:58pm1/14/08 2:58pm

Yawning Cheetah Unseats Japan as Number Two Automobile Market

Motion from the great leap sideways has China unseating Japan as the number two world market for automobiles. Profits from massive sales of box fans and plastic ice trays at your local hypermegamart have propelled the growing Chinese middle class into an automobile buying frenzy. If current trends continue China… »1/15/07 3:06pm1/15/07 3:06pm

Waiting for the Great Leap Sideways: Changfeng Motor Takes On Detroit

Changfeng debuted a passel of Liebao vehicles on North American shores this afternoon including the CS6, CS7, Feiteng, and of course, the Black Giant, which "never makes you disappointed." Chairman Li took to the stage at Cobo and at one point sounded very much like he said, "I am going to cum all over you."… »1/09/07 8:45am1/09/07 8:45am