This is why Aston Martin drivers shouldn't screw with Nissan GT-Rs

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Not served at 120 mph. As you'll see in the beginning of the video from this weekend's GT1 Championship at Silvesterone, Darren Turner in the Nissan GT-R sent Stefan Mücke in the Aston Martin DBR9 spinning off into the grass. Mücke manages to catch up with the rest of the pack and… » 6/06/11 10:00am 6/06/11 10:00am

Guess That Engine: Friday Fangio Edition

We'll give you a hint: It goes in a racing car that helped a certain Argentinean win two F1 championships. Four words: direct injection and desmo. (If you know your history, that last bit should clinch it.) » 2/26/10 4:20pm 2/26/10 4:20pm

2009 FIA GT Racers Trot Out For Spring Testing In France

The 2009 season of the FIA GT series kicked off this week at the Paul Ricard Circuit debuting the new Nissan GT-R GT1, Ford GT1, Audi R8 LMS, Alpina B6 GT3 and Ferrari 430 Scuderia. » 4/14/09 9:30am 4/14/09 9:30am

Kristján Einar: Race Car Drivers Shouldn't Sell Hot Dogs

Jalopnik's adopted Icelandic racer Kristján Einar, still looking for a sponsor to foot the $500,000 he'll need to join Newman-Wachs' Atlantic Championship team, is trying to raise cash himself. It's not going well. » 3/17/09 12:00pm 3/17/09 12:00pm