1941 Studebaker Champion: The Jalopnik Classic Review

Remember the car you had at 16? I remember mine. A Wrigley's-gum beige 1968 VW Beetle I saved up $600 to buy when I was 15, then waited and stared at every day until I turned 16 and could actually drive it. Of course, it was wrecked within a year or so, because that's what usually happens to cars owned by 16 year old… »2/04/13 2:20pm2/04/13 2:20pm


Lewis Hamilton Loses Brazilian Grand Prix, Becomes Youngest F1 Champ

23-year-old Lewis Hamilton »11/02/08 5:40pm11/02/08 5:40pm just became the youngest ever Formula One World Champion after a dramatic 5th place finish at the Brazilian Grand Prix. The rain-soaked race was largely decided by pit stops, with Hamilton being forced to pit for wets and dropping down to 6th place. With just yards to go before the finish…