IndyCar Returns to Road America in 2016

Derrick Walker, INDYCAR President of Competition and Operations, and George Bruggenthies, Road America President and General Manager, announced the series’ return to the iconic track on Saturday, August 8. Slipstream Network’s Dusty Michael was in attendance for the announcement and we’ve got audio from both. » 8/08/15 4:17pm 8/08/15 4:17pm

Laguna Seca Operators Speak Out Against Possible ISC Takeover

Since 1957, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has been in the local hands of The Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula, or SCRAMP. However, Racer reports that talks started in June for the International Speedway Corporation to possibly take over the track’s operations. SCRAMP is not happy.
» 8/06/15 7:14pm 8/06/15 7:14pm

Calendar Conflict: Portland Champ Car Race Scheduled Against MotoX Championship

As mentioned yesterday, Champ Car has announced the schedule for its 2008 season, including a return to Portland International Raceway on July 27, 2008. Unfortunately, that's also the same weekend as the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship at Washougal Motocross Park on the other side of town. Previous Champ Car races… » 11/06/07 4:00pm 11/06/07 4:00pm

Happy 30th Champ! Champ Car 2008 Schedules Out

Open-wheel racing fans rejoice! The 2008 Champ Car schedules are out, and include a new European track. The Atlantic Series will include seven races in the US, three in Canada as part of the Canadian Triple Crown and one in Mexico. The Atlantic series kicks off on April 20th in Long Beach and April 27 in Houston. The… » 11/05/07 6:15pm 11/05/07 6:15pm

Jalopnik Goes to the Las Vegas Grand Prix: Pre Show

We sent Jalopnik's resident desert dweller and Las Vegas go-to guy, Curtis Walker, to crash the Las Vegas Grand Prix this weekend. He spent Friday braving the rainy season and dodging TV's Frankie Muniz, who's making his debut in Champ Car Atlantic on Sunday. He also watched as Champ Car's Sebastien Bourdais missed… » 4/08/07 12:23am 4/08/07 12:23am

Frankie Muniz Graduates to Champ Car Atlantic, Will Never Graduate From College

Honestly, if you were 21 and had millions of dollars and nothing better to do you'd propose to your 27 year-old hairdresser girlfriend and start racing cars, too. Frankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle, has graduated from the Formula BMW USA series to the Champ Car Atlantic Series and will be racing for Jensen… » 3/30/07 3:08pm 3/30/07 3:08pm

Canadians Look To Emasculate Champ Car... Even More

The Champ Car race in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec hasn't been doing so well, with attendance at the previous Montreal race dropping to around 110,000, nearly a third of a similar F1 weekend. So what are those nutty Canadians doing to make the series more interesting? Adding Cirque Du Soleil (and moving it to the resort… » 2/15/07 2:30pm 2/15/07 2:30pm

Jalopnik Question of the Day: What Will Happen to Champ Car?

Just like that, in a slash of the accountant's broadpen, Ford has withdrawn its sponsorship of the Champ Car World Series, the open-wheel racing series once known as CART. Ford Racing Technology head, Dan Davis, said the company's sponsorship, "does not align with our current business objectives." Those objectives,… » 1/25/07 1:00pm 1/25/07 1:00pm

Never Say Die: Alex Zanardi Hops Back Into an F1 Car

We have to say, we can't not back Alex Zanardi, who lost his legs five years ago in a CART wreck with fellow Alex — and fellow vowel-ending-surnamed racing driver — Tagliani. For the first time since his stint with Williams in '99, Zanardi got back into a Formula One car, trading his normal size-9 prosthetic feet for… » 11/24/06 2:45pm 11/24/06 2:45pm

Humbert Humbert is Sad: Lola Says Goodbye to Champ Car

We've always loved Lola. But who wouldn't love a green-haired, tatted-up Oregon stripper (full nudity + alcohol) who pole-danced to Iron Maiden and Slayer, whose real love was erotic performance art? Oh wait, sorry. Cars, right. Eric Broadley's brainchild bore fruit on the American open-wheel circuit as early as… » 11/15/06 8:45am 11/15/06 8:45am

More on da Matta's Deer Incident at Road America

Faithful tipster Scott sent over this bit from ESPN regarding Champ Car-driver Cristiano da Matta's collision with a deer during a practice session at Elkhart Lake. Cristiano is currently hospitalized in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma, due to a subdural hematoma. In layman's terms, it means that the… » 8/04/06 7:30pm 8/04/06 7:30pm