This Stealth Missile Will Use EMPs To Cripple Enemy Electronics 

The Pentagon’s Counter-Electronics High-Power Advanced Microwave Project (CHAMP) has been one of the sci-fi like weapons programs that has the ability to change warfare as we know forever. Now it looks like the CHAMP has found an ideal delivery vehicle, the stealthy Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range.
»5/20/15 4:33pm5/20/15 4:33pm


Deal And A Half: Bridgestone Drops Sponsorship Of Champ, Remains League Tire Supplier

Bridgestone finally made the decision to drop out as a sponsor of Champ Car — but for some reason, the open-wheeled racing league's decided to stay with them as the sole tire supplier. That means Bridgestone's probably up in the corporate boardroom right now engaging in some serious Bugs-Bunny-esque "what a… »11/20/06 2:58pm11/20/06 2:58pm