Petrole De Gens! Renault Concept Sets Emissions Record

Renault's Logan Renault eco² concept, a biodiesel eco-cruiser, set a new record at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai for traveling 107 miles on just 1.42 gallons of fuel with emissions of only 71g/km. Though part of the fuel conservation challenge involves driving at a slow rate of speed to maximize… » 11/19/07 3:30pm 11/19/07 3:30pm

Electric Oil Burner: Volvo Working on a Diesel Hybrid C30

According to Germany's Autobild, Volvo's working up a diesel hybrid version of its new C30 hatch, which the company will show off at Michelin's annual alternative energy fest, Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai later in 2007. It'll be a series hybrid, where the engine turns a generator that can either charge the… » 2/02/07 7:55am 2/02/07 7:55am

Man, Michelin: Challenge Bibendum Takes Paris, Again

That eco-car challenge, named after the Michelin Man — aka Bibendum — carried on over the weekend in Paris, despite the recent death of its champion, Edouard Michelin. The electric rides were palpable. Take, for example, the Courreges ZOOOP (pictured), which revives the Jetsons bubble-car sensibility (also known as… » 6/12/06 9:48am 6/12/06 9:48am