Mini to Reveal JCW Challenge Edition in Frankfurt

A Mini Cooper S built only for the track? Yes, please. And make it a double. Mini says it's rolling out a new Challenge edition of the Cooper S that offers higher top speed, increased torque, faster acceleration and better traction in exchange for DOT approval. Right, it's track-only. It's got the John Cooper Works… » 8/14/07 6:36am 8/14/07 6:36am

Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale to Get Prancing Price Tag

We'll have to wait until this fall to get a good look at the Ferrari that lightness begat, but according to the Italian Autobloggers the price will be anything but unweighty. Word is the stripper F430, producing 500+ horsepower to pull 220.5 pounds less weight, will cost as much as a 599GTB, or around $268,000 at the… » 6/18/07 7:29am 6/18/07 7:29am

Spy Photos: Still More on the Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale

Our buddy Luca and his minions down Italia way procured new spy shots of Ferrari's soon-to-be F430 Challange Stradale. That's the streetable version of the lighter Challenge cars used by gentlemen racers in Ferrari's worldwide series. No word on release yet, but it'll likely have an upclocked version of Ferrari's… » 2/16/07 8:48am 2/16/07 8:48am

Stanley the Touareg Aces First Round of DARPA Grand Challenge

The first qualifying round of the DARPA Grand Challenge — the big, desert robot-off that comes with a $2 million grand prize — got underway in California yesterday. Fewer than half of the 16 vehicles that started the two-mile course finished, though one competitor, a Volkswagen Touareg named Stanley (don't ask)… » 9/30/05 10:14am 9/30/05 10:14am