Ad Watch: Citroen Goes Transformer, Redux. Now, With Video!

Those crazy frogs — always coming up with something to get us to love them again. First it was baguettes after WWI — then it was hot chicks with hairy pits after WWII — this time they've helped to quash those robot withdrawal symptoms with those funky-fresh transformin' Citroen C4 ads. Oh yes, our use of the plural… » 6/04/06 1:17am 6/04/06 1:17am

Breakin II: Optimus Boogaloo: Citroen C4 to Do the Robot — Again

Citroen's dancing robot CGI spot for its C4 infected more hosts than the A/Hong Kong/156/97 (H5N1) — more epidemiology jokes, please. Now the company is working up a sequel with the UK office of Citro n's creative team at Euro RSCG, set to electro-house track 'Walking Away' by The Egg. Considering the theme this time… » 5/31/06 2:49pm 5/31/06 2:49pm