The Anti-Bling Mobile: MTX Audio Cadillac Escalade EXT

While roaming the endless halls of the Consumer Electronics Show, our Gizmodo brethren caught some pics of a Cadillac Escalade EXT that does not follow the crowd. The MTX Audio demo vehicle is bare of that essential element of the modern balla ride - bling. It's finish is so flat it makes Nebraska jealous. Even the… » 1/09/08 2:45pm 1/09/08 2:45pm

We Ask GM's Rick Wagoner About a New El Camino...Back-Asswardly

As we hinted at yesterday — we had the opportunity to sit down (with a group of other auto journos — but it totally felt like it was just the two of us in that room. Or maybe it's just because I could care less about the fuel economy and economic issues surrounding the General, the direction most of the auto hacks… » 1/09/08 6:45am 1/09/08 6:45am

Rick Wagoner Rocks Down to the Electric Avenue of CES

UPDATE: Rick's just driven out in a Chevy Volt. No clue what it's got under the hood, but it looked to be running under it's own power. Who knew?
UPDATE #2: Provoq concept revealed live — picture after the jump.
We'll have more to come soon, but for the moment — here's the embargoed printed text of "Slick" Rick… » 1/08/08 7:40pm 1/08/08 7:40pm

A Car of the Future by a Tape Company? 3M Says Yes

The 3M company of tape and packing supplies fame has teamed up with automotive supplier Visteon to show off this futuristic car interior at the Consumer Electronics Show. The two have reportedly dumped upwards of 50 so-called "innovative technologies" into this interior. Wow, 50 is a mighty big number, though some are… » 1/08/08 11:00am 1/08/08 11:00am

CES: Cadillac Provoq Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Revealed

Viva, Las Vegas, baby! Our ramblin' and gamblin' boss is in Sin City for a day and he's reporting back on GM's latest concept car they're showing off at the 2008 CES show. As we told you first earlier today, the General's luxe brand has brought some hydrogen-powered action to the Consumer Electronics Show in the… » 1/08/08 12:01am 1/08/08 12:01am

Cadillac Debuting Provoq Alternative Energy Concept Tomorrow At CES

GM announced today that they would be debuting the Cadillac Provoq at the CES show in Las Vegas. According to the company the Provoq "continues Cadillac's remarkable heritage of landmark concept vehicles, this time in a vehicle free from petroleum fuel and emissions, the ultimate luxury." Translation: electric car.… » 1/07/08 9:54am 1/07/08 9:54am

Rescue 911: Ford Expands Sync With "911 Assist," Calls William Shatner…

Speak of the devil — the embargo's just dropped on Ford's newest addition to the Sync system unveiled tonight at the 2008 CES show by Microsoft's main man himself — Bill Gates. It's called "911 Assist" and it uses the bluetooth phone connection function of Sync to dial the local 911 operator through your phone if… » 1/06/08 9:30pm 1/06/08 9:30pm

CES 2008: Ford Unveils Sirius Travel Link Navigation System, Offers…

In addition to a tease of even more Sync-ing to come at the 2008 CES show, Ford's just unveiled their newest toy to complement the Sync system. It's called the Sirius Travel Link navigation system — and it's a nav system that uses Sirius's ability to download data to your in-dash system to give drivers and passengers… » 1/06/08 7:31pm 1/06/08 7:31pm