Dispatches from Tokyo: Porsche 962 for the street, Tomica Shop, and ahead by a Toyota Century

The Tokyo Motor Show is a wonderful event, although the best thing about it this year was once again the parking lot. However, if you can escape for a bit, you might find something interesting. Like 13 Toyota 2000GTs in a hidden warehouse. And other stuff too. »11/09/15 11:22am11/09/15 11:22am


Think Toyotas Are Boring? How About a V12 Luxury Toyota?

Our friends over at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine went to the motherland recently and were kind enough to drop by the Toyota showroom and send us these photos of the latest Toyota Century luxury sedan. Is this thing a Yakuza enforcermobile or what? Make the jump to see the expanded gallery and read what JNC editor… »2/11/08 3:00pm2/11/08 3:00pm

Which JDM Car Do You Most Want Sold in the States?

Finally. Yes, finally. As you no doubt are fully aware, Godzilla is invading America. And it only took 'em 50 years. Which got us thinking (something has to, right?) what other Japan only cars are we hot for? Sure, everyone wants the last gen Evo wagon or a Civic Type R, but really, what makes you ache? Well, for us… »10/25/07 12:00pm10/25/07 12:00pm