Xzibit pimped my $500 Buick and I sold it for $18K

MTV's Pimp My Ride had a simple premise: rapper Xzibit and his band of merry customizers would show up at your house and make your crappy beater awesome. A former "pimped car" recipient explains what happened when MTV left. » 5/20/11 10:30am 5/20/11 10:30am

1973 Century GS455 puts Buick “in a class by themselves”

By 1973 the muscle car was almost entirely dead. A few cars fought through increased emissions requirements and fuel concerns to try and keep the muscle car flame burning. Buick built the Century GS455 to be one of them. According to this vintage Car & Track review, they did the best they could. » 2/19/11 9:00am 2/19/11 9:00am

Cutting Loose In A Trim, Poised 1980 Buick!

It appears that GM's marketers recruited the actors from this ad from Synanon, if we go by the vacuous, zombified smiles and apparent belief that the '80 Regal was a sporty car. » 7/10/10 11:00am 7/10/10 11:00am

1976 Buick Regal

You know what we haven't had in this series? Donks! Oakland, just across a narrow estuary from Alameda, has a fair number of donkified GM cars, but the trend seems to be dying out. In any case, donkmania never got very big in Alameda, where old-school musclecars and lowriders seem to be the customization themes of… » 6/20/08 9:00am 6/20/08 9:00am

Think Toyotas Are Boring? How About a V12 Luxury Toyota?

Our friends over at Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine went to the motherland recently and were kind enough to drop by the Toyota showroom and send us these photos of the latest Toyota Century luxury sedan. Is this thing a Yakuza enforcermobile or what? Make the jump to see the expanded gallery and read what JNC editor… » 2/11/08 3:00pm 2/11/08 3:00pm

Which JDM Car Do You Most Want Sold in the States?

Finally. Yes, finally. As you no doubt are fully aware, Godzilla is invading America. And it only took 'em 50 years. Which got us thinking (something has to, right?) what other Japan only cars are we hot for? Sure, everyone wants the last gen Evo wagon or a Civic Type R, but really, what makes you ache? Well, for us… » 10/25/07 12:00pm 10/25/07 12:00pm

I Live in a Car!

Many moons ago, the UK Subs once sang, "Well i ain't got no television set or stereo, 'cos I live in a car." Steve Graham, of Pittsburg, KS, has honored the shopworn tradition of killing one's idols by going ahead and living in his Buick Century with those amenities, after his wife kicked him out eight years ago.… » 8/09/07 11:00pm 8/09/07 11:00pm