Coskata Breaks Ground On Ethanol Plant, Could Make Fuel For $1 Per Gallon

Kings of ethanol and new GM buddy, Coskata, has announced it has broken ground on an new cellulosic ethanol plant in Pennsylvania that could be churning out the alternative fuel as early as next year. Coskata claims it can produce the two carbon alcohol at a cost of $1 per gallon so unless they aren't interested in… »4/25/08 3:40pm4/25/08 3:40pm


Termite Gut Microbe Study: Cheap Cellulosic Ethanol Soon?

Wouldn't it be great if we had a super-cheap way to make ethanol out of cellulosic materials such as switchgrass and wood chips? The problem is that you need to turn the cellulose into simple sugars before you can ferment it into ethanol... but termites have managed the trick for gadzillions of years, so why not… »11/27/07 10:30am11/27/07 10:30am