Hummer-Branded Mobile Phone Is Very Capable, Surprisingly

The Hummer HT2 is the company's second mobile phone branding adventure. The first Hummer branded mobile, the HT1 is still doing fairly well so it was only inevitable that Hummer would release the HT2. Despite what people may or may not say about Hummer owners, insecurities, compensation and whatnot, the H2T mobile… »4/07/08 3:15pm4/07/08 3:15pm

Jeremy Clarkson Under Investigation For Talking On Cell While Driving, Rants Sure To Follow

We're guessing none of this would have happened if Jeremy Clarkson was Prime Minister, but everyone's favorite Top Gear host is in trouble with the law... again. Seems he was driving his 6.3-Liter Mercedes when a man driving with his girlfriend spied him allegedly chatting on his cell phone. They took a picture of the… »3/12/08 10:40am3/12/08 10:40am

Prancing Phone: Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition

High-end cell-phone builder Vertu has a new titanium ear pillow for Ferraristi. It's the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60, inspired by the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It's an extremely limited-edition follow-up to the company's Ascent Ferrari 1947, and like it, commemorates Ferrari's 60th anniversary. The Ascent 60 comes with… »9/25/07 10:15am9/25/07 10:15am

State Your Position: Nissan Tests Cell-Phone Intelligent Transport System in Japan

Picture this. You're driving along, listening to the latest from Fall Out Boy (heaven forbid), when a pedestrian (coincidentally, also listening to Fall Out Boy) wanders off the curb and into your path. That's it for them, right? No. Your car saw him coming. Well, not so much him as a blip in its data bank, as… »4/19/07 8:52am4/19/07 8:52am

Calling all Cars: Toyota Develops Cell Phone for Japan

Word came down from Tokyo today that Toyota's developing a cell phone with Japan's #2 wireless carrier, KDDI Corp (in which Big T owns an 11 percent stake). It's not just any throwaway burner, mind you; the handsets — dubbed "TiMO" — which are based on an existing KDDI phone made by Toshiba, will tie in via Bluetooth… »8/30/06 5:53pm8/30/06 5:53pm

Anti-Cellular Vigilante Attacking British Motorcars

We think we like the word "motorcars" so much simply because of Angus Young of AC/DC's "Brown SG" rant, where he proclaimed that modern guitars look like "motorcars" and that he wants to open a shop that only sells brown Gibson SGs — and then goes on to paraphrase Henry Ford by saying, "You can get an SG in any color… »8/14/06 4:00pm8/14/06 4:00pm