Toyota FCHV-adv Gets New Fuel Cell Hybrid System, Has Over 500 Mile Range

The Japanese government (who didn't have anything to do with Prius development) has given approval for domestic market leasing of Toyotas newest fuel cell hybrid, the FCHV-adv. We don't know if our assumed graphic update properly represents the new look of the updated FCHV, but the updated goodies under hood and… »6/06/08 11:20am6/06/08 11:20am

Cell Craft Flying Cars Will Be the Future, Once Inventor Does More Inventing

Gino d'Ignazio Gizio has a dream. A dream where the average person has access to his or her own flying car. A dream where long commutes are a thing of the past and people take to the skies at 350mph with the freedom and ease we currently enjoy in our land-based cars (as long as we don't live someplace where there's,… »1/24/08 12:45pm1/24/08 12:45pm

Texting While Driving Law Goes In Effect Today In Washington State, Teenagers Not LOL

OMG! Whatever you have to tell your BFF Payal better wait as the police in Washington State are now empowered to ticket your ass. A law designed to curb composing text messages went into effect on Tuesday. Penalties range from $124 for a driver texting or emailing to $175 if that texting leads to an accident. IMHO,… »1/03/08 9:45am1/03/08 9:45am