will.i.am Goes Berserk On Twitter After United Gives Away His Seat

Maybe it's time for will.i.am to break up with United Airlines. But it's not United, it's you, Mister i.am, and they're just not that into you. The rapper's latest Twitter tirade occurred when he arrived at the airport only 45 minutes before his flight to China, and United had given away his seat. » 10/09/14 11:43am 10/09/14 11:43am

Will.i.am Doesn't Understand How Airports Work, Booted From Lounge

Black Eyed Peas rapper will.i.am was kicked out of a United Airlines lounge over the weekend, and like many of us do, he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. He claims he was given the boot after United accused him of having a fake Mileage Plus membership card. Really, he just doesn't understand how airports work. » 5/12/14 3:51pm 5/12/14 3:51pm

Bernie Carbo Says The Cavalier Deals Are Great In Chicopee

When you're going for a celebrity endorsement of your car dealership, you have to pay extra » 11/13/08 2:00pm 11/13/08 2:00pm for a celebrity who will show some enthusiasm for your lineup of Celebrities and Sprints and/or enunciate clearly. In this case, Casey Chevrolet opted for the no-frills delivery of Red Sox hero . Can you feel the for that…

Do You Enjoy The Finer Things? The '85 Celebrity Eurosport Is For You!

Perhaps it's because every Celebrity ever made looked like it had 200,000 rough miles on the clock by the end of its second year on the road- fading plastic, trim panels a-dangling, and so on, or maybe it's the acre upon acre of clapped-out examples you see clogging up the GM section at every junkyard in the country.… » 8/04/08 12:45pm 8/04/08 12:45pm

Short way down: Ewan McGregor envies African physiques

Remember when Mariah Carey was falsely credited with wanting to look like a starving African baby? Speaking with The Guardian about his experience in Africa shooting Long Way Down, Ewan McGregor expressed similar amazement at how toned the locals are: "Oddly enough, you really notice men's bodies out there. They are… » 12/03/07 5:15pm 12/03/07 5:15pm

Buy The Dalai's Land Rover, Get Enlightenment!

Some might say that $75,000 is on the steep side as the starting bid for a 1966 Land Rover, but what if you could get a Rover that came with a holy aura... and a chance to meet Sharon Stone? In fact, we might speculate that Ms. Stone will cut your hair behind the aquarium if you buy this truck, if you know what we… » 11/06/07 12:15pm 11/06/07 12:15pm

Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Chevrolet Celebrity

Bridging the gap between the third-gen Malibu and the 1st-gen Lumina, the Celebrity was in fact the top-selling car in America for 1986 (how soon we forget!). Most came with the same Iron Duke four-banger that was used by the bean counters to castrate the Fiero, but reliability was much improved over previous… » 4/03/07 3:05pm 4/03/07 3:05pm