According to EW: Ten Best Car Chases

You'd probably never think to relegate the dual between Steve McQueen and the Dodge Charger—driving hoods in "Bullitt" beneath any other car chase put to film. But then you remember — with help from Entertainment Weekly — why it's rightfully in second position. Two words: Popeye Doyle. [Thanks to pas Montreal for the… » 6/13/06 3:00pm 6/13/06 3:00pm

Dad, Can I Borrow the Rod?: Cars of Famous TV Fathers

NADAguides.com is celebrating Father's Day by examining the cars of some famous TV fathers. While we'd always been partial to Mike Brady's seemingly endless selection of Mopar convertibles, we hadn't considered Ward Cleaver's similar proclivities, of the Plymouth sedan variety, or Al Bundy's '72 Dart (what else would… » 6/13/06 10:08am 6/13/06 10:08am

Who Should Populate the Knight Rider Movie?

By now, you've probably heard that a movie based on the 1980s TV show and Hasselhoff star-turn, "Knight Rider," is in the works. But it's also said the German singing sensation and cavorter with buxom lifeguards will not be starring in the big-screen version. What's more, the Pontiac TransAm has been in the wind for… » 5/12/06 2:35pm 5/12/06 2:35pm