Kia cee’d GT: Would Americans Buy This Sporty C Apostrophe D?

Most of our American readers probably know Kia's hatchback as the C apostrophe D, Top Gear's current reasonably priced car. While that was probably chosen to make sure there isn't enough power to kill any of the brave celebrities on BBC's watch, the new GT version that is coming to Geneva won't be able to promise the… »1/28/13 10:00am1/28/13 10:00am


Kia Cee'd Grows Into A Mini MPV; Right Size For U.S. Market?

Expected to be based on the Euro-market Kia Cee'd, this new mini-MPV offering from Kia was spotted recently doing some testing in the Alps. Engine options will likely be the same as those found on the Cee'd, including the two turbodiesels. And, while it's likely this new model will likely go up against European… »7/01/08 10:20am7/01/08 10:20am

Geneva Pre-Show: Hyundai Arnejs i30 Compact Hatch Makes An Early Entrance

Hyundai's been planning an exclusive press presentation of the European developed i30 compact hatch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva one day before the Geneva Show media days begin. Well now the swanky soiree may be a little less swank, as a number of fan sites around the net seem to have prematurely shot their… »2/21/07 7:26pm2/21/07 7:26pm

Paris Auto Show: Kia Unveils Cee'd, We Watch it on TV

While we've got two of Los Jalopniks out on the floor, we need a third to hold down our hard-fought spot in the Third World media center which has us reliving our time in Indochina. Luckily, we've got a TV screen behind us to cover unveilings we couldn't get to. And ashtrays. Ashtrays are important. As for the Cee'd?… »9/28/06 5:30am9/28/06 5:30am

Planting a C'eed: Kia Concept Introduces New Design Approach

Hurry! They're closing the press room here at Geneva's Palexpo center in three minutes, but we had to get this final on-site post up before the whip comes down. It's about the Kia C'eed, a rather precious concept the company says introduces the next generation of Kia's design vocabulary. Gone, apparently are the days… »3/01/06 2:25pm3/01/06 2:25pm