The CDC Says Flying Is Mostly Risk-Free From Ebola Exposure

Air travel has been a focal point for Ebola-related news, ever since the first case entered the United States last month with Thomas Eric Duncan, via Washington Dulles Airport. However, the Center for Disease Control has said that air travel poses low risk because it's not an airborne virus. »10/15/14 5:26pm10/15/14 5:26pm


SEMA 2007: CDC '67 "Flashback" Ford Mustang, Now With Full Frontal Action!

Ford plans on showing off four Mustangs here at the 2007 SEMA show, with two of the four coming from the classic customizers at Classic Design Concepts. One of the two CDC 'Stangs is a little dreamboat they're calling the '67 "Flashback" — it's actually CDC owner George Huisman's personal car. It's an all new… »10/27/07 11:15am10/27/07 11:15am