Driving The Black-on-Black Koenigsegg CCX Inside The Exotic Car Bunker

If you're going to take a black-on-black Koeningsegg CCX »10/31/08 2:20pm10/31/08 2:20pm for a short drive and then a trip into the Lamborghini Las Vegas bunker hidden within The Palazzo, you might as well bring a camera with you. Though the camera work in this video is a little , and the narration for the tour is drowned out by the sound of the…

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition: Tripping the Light Fantastic

Remember the Christopher Walken skit on Saturday Night Live where the inveterate creepy guy continues asking Will Ferrell for more cowbell? Well the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition needs more carbon fiber. The rebodied CCX is positively rotten with the stuff and the twin turbocharged, E85 sipping 1018 HP heart makes us almost… »3/06/08 6:00am3/06/08 6:00am

U.S. Receives First Street Legal Koenigsegg, Let The Tickets Begin!

Where else would the first street legal Koenigsegg CCX end up than swinging Las Vegas? The great thing about bringing the car to Vegas is that if you accidentally marry a tranny stripper one night you can just take the CCX to its top speed of 245 mph and go back in time to prevent the nuptials (and whatever else… »12/12/07 2:30pm12/12/07 2:30pm

Once Again: The SSC Ultimate Aero TT Is Set To Break Production Car Speed Record

Bugatti, the end is nigh, maybe. Those lovable scamps over at Shelby SuperCars are poised to break the production car speed record (242 mph) currently being held hostage somewhere in Sweden by Koenigsegg. The unofficial production-car speed record of 253 mph is, of course, safe and sound somewhere in the German French… »8/02/07 10:45am8/02/07 10:45am

At 71% Throttle, SSC Ultimate Aero TT Hits 241 MPH

So many questions. OK, as you probably know, SSC and their Ultimate Aero TT are on a hero's quest to break and thereby set the production car top speed record currently in the hands of the hated Swedes. On March 22 of this year they gave it a go, but because of a jealous Odin snow in Nevada, were only able to hit 230… »5/31/07 8:30am5/31/07 8:30am

Geneva Pre-Show: Koenigsegg Competition Coupe GT Revealed

A Koenigsegg with only 600 horsepower? That's the thing about racing regulations; sometimes you have to make concessions. Nonetheless, it's the new K-egg CCGT, an FIA homologated GT1 racer based on the 806-hp CCX, whose homegrown 4.7-liter V8's gotten a double superchargerectomy. But it's also been bored out to 5.0… »3/02/07 5:23pm3/02/07 5:23pm

On A Wing And A Prayer: Top Gear's Koenigsegg-egg-egg-egg Test Redux

Shame on us, but if you also were a bit busy this Memorial Day weekend, you're like us and may have missed Sunday's episode of Top Gear. Luckily some friendly BBC viewers have rectified our poor judgement by providing video of the most important segment from the show. A couple of weeks back, the best-est automotive… »6/02/06 10:53am6/02/06 10:53am