How To Talk On A CB Radio

During my cross-country interstate expedition last month, I was pretty excited to fire up an old CB radio I'd found amongst a pile of my things before leaving. Finally, I'd be able to make my wildest Smokey and the Bandit/Dukes of Hazzard radio banter fantasies come alive. » 2/21/13 12:00pm 2/21/13 12:00pm

Someone Hasn't Heard Of Satellite Radio

This guy probably gets FM stations from two states over and knows every ham radio operator in the nation, but it still seems like cell phones and satellite radio might be a little easier. [HamSexy] » 2/05/10 5:30pm 2/05/10 5:30pm

The Ultimate CB Radio For Your Custom Van: Johnson Messenger 130A!

So you took one look at those Detroit Autorama custom vans and you're ready to assemble a snazzed-up 60s Econoline, A100, or Sportvan, complete with Aztec/UFO/Knights airbrush mural. But don't forget the CB, good buddy! » 3/07/09 2:00pm 3/07/09 2:00pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: A CB Radio

While you probably wouldn't want in your new Bentley, nothing classes up an old rig for a long road trip more than a CB Radio. You can relive your Smokey & The Bandit fantasies by calling out a 'Bear in the Air' just outside Bull City, or letting others know that there's an Evil Kenevil 'shooting you in the back'… » 12/19/07 1:15pm 12/19/07 1:15pm

Break Out The Bear Masher! CB McHaul Truck Set

So we were just saying yesterday how much 70s car toys ruled, and whaddya know? Here comes another great one: the CB McHaul truckin' set! No relation to CW McCall of "Convoy" fame, oh nosiree, so you cotton-pickin' trademark lawyers kin just back off! You got a couple of trucks equipped with "CB radio" microphones,… » 5/22/07 2:30pm 5/22/07 2:30pm