The Sometimes Fail-Tacular History Of Captive Import Cars In America…

Have you ever noticed that the term "import car" doesn't get tossed around like it used to? In these days of Toyotas from California, Volkswagens from Tennessee and Chevrolets from Canada, it's becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between a "foreign" and a "domestic" car. » 10/27/12 1:00pm 10/27/12 1:00pm

Haven't you ever seen a grand prize winning motorized ice shack?

From the great state of Maine comes this award winning motorized ice shack. Built over a six month period from a snowmobile trailer, an ice shack and a 1996 Chevy Cavalier, upon its completion this unique ice shack won the Bangor Daily News' "Original Ice Shack Contest". The motorized ice shack is entirely driveable… » 3/05/11 10:00am 3/05/11 10:00am

24 Hours Of LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza Über Gallery: The General's…

You naysayers who want to claim that the Geo Metro is really a Suzuki can go away now, because we say a GM car- albeit a Honda-powered one- won this race! The rest of the GM field was far from Camaro-only, which is always good to see; nothing against Camaros, mind you, but they've been pretty numerous in LeMons events… » 1/09/09 2:00pm 1/09/09 2:00pm

I'm Barack Obama And I Approve This Chevy Cavalier

A reader over at Politco » 10/27/08 1:45pm 10/27/08 1:45pm sent Ben Smith this photo of a Chevy Cavalier done up in full Obama livery. In what may be the ultimate sign of how much the electoral map has shifted, this shot was taken in Parkersburg, West Virginia. On the other hand, it may just be a sign of how disposable old Cavaliers are. []

How To Buy A Toyota Emblem...From A GM Dealership?!

We all know the Chevy Cavalier. You may also remember Toyota sold a badge-engineered platform prostitute version in the Japanese Domestic Market that was built by GM. But — did you know you could actually buy a Toyota emblem from a GM dealership with a valid GM part number? We assumed we could. But intrepid souls at » 7/09/08 11:15am 7/09/08 11:15am

The Vintage Chevrolet Club Of America Shows Off Rain-Soaked Detroit…

When commenter of the super-stars, Startlton_Heston, offered up some photos from the Lee Johnson Chevrolet 75th Anniversary Car Show we assumed there would be a dozen or so photos to throw into a gallery. Little did we know, although we probably should have assumed, Mr. Heston was insane enough (in the best way) to… » 5/04/08 6:33pm 5/04/08 6:33pm

The Hot 1984 Cavalier, With Bonus 80s Pornstache Poll!

We've totally changed our minds about the Cavalier since we saw Xarg's '85 wagon do so well at Thunderhill. But still, one can't help but notice the weird mashup of 70s disco sleaze with 80s pastel cheeze in this ad for the hot, hot, hot '84 Cavalier... particularly as seen in the extra-manly dude's mustache. And… » 2/06/08 11:30am 2/06/08 11:30am

Google Street View Makes Phoenix Look Dangerous

We're beginning to wonder if Google Street View is somehow causing these accidents. We saw the awesome Audi Q7 versus Range Rover upside-down cake near the Phoenix Country Club a couple of weeks ago. Now we're seeing another one a mere 2.7 miles away. "That's crazy talk!" you say. Nope, there's definitely a case to be… » 1/21/08 10:30am 1/21/08 10:30am

Jalopnik Commenter's Cavalier Wagon Comes In 9th At Thunderhill!

Looking at the top teams of the 24 Hours of LeMons race last weekend, we thought it was great that a Detroit car finished in second place. Of course, Neons make great race cars, so no huge surprise there... but what about an '85 Chevrolet Cavalier wagon finishing in the Top Ten? That's not a typo- a Cavalier finished… » 1/04/08 2:30pm 1/04/08 2:30pm

Wagons Ho! More LeMons Action Ahead!

Just because the race is over doesn't mean we're done showing you the racers and vehicles of the Thunderhill 24 Hours of LeMons race. This is definitely Jalopnik-approved racing- where else would you see a couple of Volvo wagons duking it out with a Chevy Cavalier wagon for a shot at 800 pounds of nickels? Stay tuned… » 1/02/08 10:30am 1/02/08 10:30am

1984 Cavalier: An Interior That Comforts Your Very Soul!

Is it possible that one day we'll all realize we were wrong about the Cavalier? That it was actually a great car and not just another one of Detroit's lethargic responses to the invasion from the East? Time will tell. Well, maybe it already has, but in the meantime we can enjoy the incredible 80s-ness of this fine… » 9/24/07 2:30pm 9/24/07 2:30pm