Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Is Now (Adorably) Advertising Cars

Opel, a solid contender for the least cool car company on earth, just too a great step forward in fashion consciousness and also cuteness. They got Karl Lagerfeld's cat. » 10/10/14 9:18am 10/10/14 9:18am

Is Drag Racer Ashley Force A Crazy Cat Lady? A Jalopnik Debate

Ashley Force is an NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car drag racer, and an heir to the John Force drag racing dynasty. She also recently gave an interview to Catster.com, in which she said she has owned eleven cats, one of which was named Licorice #2. I hereby posit that Ashley Force is a crazy cat person. » 4/29/14 5:26pm 4/29/14 5:26pm

Hello. I like cats. And Cars. But mostly cats.

Sometimes, I just watch this video when I need a little pick me up. It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I feel like if I ever met this girl on the street, I'd want to give her a hug. » 8/13/12 3:30pm 8/13/12 3:30pm