Project Splitwheel Wants You To Build The Next Caterham Sports Car

Project Splitwheel wants your help in designing the world’s first user-generated car, in conjunction with Caterham »11/05/08 4:40pm11/05/08 4:40pm, who will put the resulting car into production. “Cars are amongst the most hotly debated topics on the internet and for the first time we are going to channel some of that passion and energy into an…

Caterham Releases CDX Limited Edition Seven, Could Glass Roof Version Be Next?

It looks as though Caterham is starting to go the Mustang route with special editions of the Seven, though most of these actually improve the performance and don't have strange movie tie-ins (Caterham R500 FTW!). This newest Seven commemorates 15 years of the Caterham Driving Experience (CDX) and includes more than… »6/11/08 10:00am6/11/08 10:00am