Watch This Catamaran Surf Over Waves Into Port

After his catamaran got caught in rough surf, Ian Sloan and his crew were faced with a tricky decision: face the treacherous waves to bring the boat in through Southport Seaway, or sail for two days to Brisbane, where the seas were quieter. Sloan chose the former, and stuck one of the most impressive landings we’ve… » 5/02/15 12:14pm 5/02/15 12:14pm

Audi R8 Inspired Catamaran Conceptually Cruises Dubai Coast

A Swedish company called Vizualtech has rendered up an Audi R8 » 9/29/08 5:40pm 9/29/08 5:40pm-inspired catamaran for a Dubai-based race boat establishment. The gorgeous 29-foot cat, called the R 8.8 BioCat, features gullwing doors, and is said to be designed for either a single biodiesel V10 or twin V8 gas engines. Top speed? 110 MPH, which is damn…