Amazing Dad Builds Kids Working Bulldozer, All Other Dads Shamed 

The other day I used a pair of scissors to turn a block of packing foam into a Baymax toy for my son. He liked it, and for a few moments there I felt like a pretty cool dad. Then I saw this dad's astounding 942 lb working 18 HP bulldozer he made for his kids, and I realized that, really, I'm a big pile of crap. This… » 3/16/15 4:00pm 3/16/15 4:00pm

Caterpillar 793, World's Coolest Dump Truck, Now With Electric Drive

The colossal Caterpillar 793 is one of the coolest pieces of heavy machinery on the planet. Traditionally powered by immense 16-cylinder engines churning out over 2000 HP, we're now being told by Caterpillar that a new electric-drive version is on the way. But don't think that means it's going soft. The new 793F AC… » 9/24/08 12:45pm 9/24/08 12:45pm

Michiganders Protest The Sale of Bulldozers to Israel

A group of Palestinian-Americans protested in front of Michgan CAT, a family-owned Caterpillar dealer in Novi, decrying the heavy-equipment manufacturer's sale of D-9 bulldozers to the Israelis. Equipped with armor plating by the IDF, the 'dozers have been used to knock down houses in the Occupied Territories,… » 3/16/06 8:49pm 3/16/06 8:49pm