Racing and Wrenching the Old School Way: An Interview With Pike's Peak Racer Wil Kitchens

These days, it seems that F1 is raced exclusively by genetically engineered, corporately sponsored, superhumans. Look at Lewis Hamilton and tell me he wasn’t designed in a lab in some sub-basement of McLaren. All of the top tier boys got a Nomex onesie before they could walk, and their stroller had a HANS device. The… »9/01/15 10:32pm9/01/15 10:32pm


Watch Bill Caswell try to break the Porsche 911 Turbo S

Porsche told us that the PDK transmission in the 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S would take whatever abuse we threw at it. It was a perfect excuse to ask Bill Caswell to help us celebrate 50 years of Porsche with 50 consecutive launch control starts. You must see the violence to appreciate it. Read the full story right here. »3/11/14 2:28pm3/11/14 2:28pm

Come Hang Out with Me at Subiefest This Weekend!

I've never been to Subiefest. I've been a BMW guy most of my life, but lately I've been driving for Crawford Performance which is a Subaru shop. You mostly likely know them from Matt Farah's show on the Drive Channel where he checked out Crawford's 450hp turbo BRZ street car. But they are also the performance shop… »9/13/13 4:04pm9/13/13 4:04pm

The Dïrtburgring Is Western Europe's Wildest Form Of Racing

We land in Amsterdam and Ford meets us with a brand new Fiesta ST as we start our trip to the Nürburgring 24 and Monaco, but it's at a random bar we get a message about the wildest racing we might see: The Dïrtburgring. Imagine 24 Hours of LeMons meets Sprint Cars meets Destruction Derby. Europe, you so crazy. »5/19/13 12:00pm5/19/13 12:00pm