Castagna Combines Electricity And Water To Create Fiat 500 Tender Two

With yacht-owning merrymakers in mind, Castagna has turned a perfectly serviceable Fiat 500 »9/08/08 1:30pm9/08/08 1:30pm into an electric tender. To do so, they scrapped the engine in favor of an electric motor and batteries (capable of 87 mph), removed the doors and cut off the roof. Quickly discovering that the de-topped 500 had a tendency to…

Castagna Releases Images of Corvette Z06-Based Aznom

Italian coachbuilding firm Castagna — best known for their unabashed Mini-caminos — released images of its latest project. It's called the Aznom — Monza spelled backward — a reskinned Corvette Z06. If you were at the Top Marques show in Monaco earlier this year, you may have seen the Aznom in its 'Vette-informed… »7/02/07 10:50am7/02/07 10:50am