Castagna Releases Images of Corvette Z06-Based Aznom

Italian coachbuilding firm Castagna — best known for their unabashed Mini-caminos — released images of its latest project. It's called the Aznom — Monza spelled backward — a reskinned Corvette Z06. If you were at the Top Marques show in Monaco earlier this year, you may have seen the Aznom in its 'Vette-informed… » 7/02/07 10:50am 7/02/07 10:50am

Homocidal Maniacs Unite! The Minicamino!

We're not sure how this one's gonna fly with the Mini cogniscenti, given that Wert has literally received death threats on his voicemail over his recent video escapade. Literally. Like, they tracked down his phone number and shit. And made, like, death threats. That's how dedicated and/or psychotic these people are.… » 4/04/06 12:20am 4/04/06 12:20am

Castagna Imperial Landaulet Concept to Debut in Geneva

If 2006 will be recalled as the year the 1960s came back for an encore (Challenger, Camaro), it may also be remembered as the beginning of a 1930s resurgence as well. A new homage to the 1920s coachbuilding houses will make its debut at the Geneva show. That's the Imperial Landaulet, product of recently revived… » 2/27/06 5:11am 2/27/06 5:11am