Casino Royale Is The Best Bond Movie Ever

In 1953, Ian Fleming published his “spy story to end all spy stories,” which would eventually led to the longest continually-running franchise in the history of film. It took nearly 50 years before it finally got the big screen adaptation it deserved. That would be 2006’s Casino Royale, the best James Bond movie ever… »10/29/15 6:25pm10/29/15 6:25pm


Bond-ed And Insured: UK Company Pens Estimate For 007's Car Insurance

A UK car insurer pulled out the calculators over the weekend to come up with the price it'd expect to collect in premiums in order to ensure a quick replacement of 007's pretty new Aston Martin DBS in case anything should happen to the fictional character's car. And, after carrying the one and adding a zero somewhere,… »11/20/06 3:15pm11/20/06 3:15pm

No, Mr. Craig, We Expect You to Drive a JCB: On the Stunt Set of 'Casino Royale'

With the latest Bond flick looming large on the horizon, one reporter ventured down to a set at Dunsfold Airfield (natural habitat of the Stig) to talk to the film's stunt co-coordinator, Gary Powell. Powell, who's worked on the last four Bond films, describes some of the stunts in the film and reconfirms that the… »11/14/06 5:00pm11/14/06 5:00pm

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Drive: New European Ford Mondeo in 007 Trailer

Ford's marketing association with the new Bond flick "Casino Royale" doesn't stop at 007's Aston Martin DBS. If you weren't aware, the company's introducing its new midsized Mondeo for Europe in the movie (Bond briefly drives one) and likewise produced this UK spot as both a tie in and commercial for the European… »10/23/06 9:12am10/23/06 9:12am

Mondeo Royale: Ford's New European Midsize on Set of Bond Flick

Ford released more photos of the 2007 Mondeo as it appears during filming of the next James Bond vehicle, "Casino Royale." It's not the first workaday sedan of Ford's to launch in a Bond flick; in 1976, a pre-production Taunus-Cortina appeared in "The Spy Who Loved Me." In the case of this 2007 Mondeo five-door, a… »10/09/06 8:04am10/09/06 8:04am

Let the Front Office Have Some: James Bond to Drive a Ford Mondeo Too?

FoMoCo has reportedly slipped the producers of upcoming Bond flick "Casino Royale" a mickey few million to put 007 into a Ford Mondeo as well as his signature Aston. According to the UK's The Sun, the company paid the film's producers $24 million so moviegoers can see Bond "using the [Mondeo] for chases and picking… »3/08/06 6:38am3/08/06 6:38am