This Lamborghini Reventon PC Case Looks Very, Very Fast

There's a lot to love about the Lamborghini Reventon, including its exotic good looks and blistering 3 second sprint from zero to 60 mph. However, its $1.6 million price tag and exclusivity puts it well out of the reach of anyone who's not an obscenely wealthy Saudi prince or Batman. » 9/08/12 3:00pm 9/08/12 3:00pm

KITT PC Casemod is Hasselhoff-Approved

Last year's Transformers is this year's Knight Rider if you couldn't already tell from all of the news including the first photos, trailers and more. Now we have something a bit astray from the new Knight Rider Shelby GT500KR, but equally as cool, at least in my techie book—a KITT PC casemod! The casemod features… » 2/05/08 12:45pm 2/05/08 12:45pm