A Carwash In Florida Is Employing Autistic Workers And That Is Great

The Rising Tide car wash in Parkland, Florida is pretty much like every other car wash you ever go to. You drive your vehicle there, some nice people put it through a series of machines for you, more nice people finish it up, and off you go. Except 35 of its 43 total employees are on the autism spectrum. »2/25/15 6:50pm2/25/15 6:50pm


This Car Wash Just Set A Video Of Its Destruction To Its Own Jingle

When a customer confuses the gas for the brake, allowing them to drive completely straight through your beautiful, expensive car wash, leaving a path of wanton destruction in their wake, you'd expect the proprietors to be upset. Not at the Quick Quack Car Wash. They took the video, set it to music, and perfection was… »1/14/15 2:34pm1/14/15 2:34pm