The Fastest Ever Lap Recorded on a Closed Circuit

CART is the name of the game, Gil de Ferran is the man, Fontana is the place, Penske is the warhorse and 240mph+ is the register. » 3/17/15 5:04pm 3/17/15 5:04pm

Someone Took IMAX Cameras To A Racetrack And The Results Are Unreal

This might be the highest-resolution footage of open-wheeled racing anywhere on the Internet. » 11/14/14 10:03pm 11/14/14 10:03pm

Nigel Mansell's 1993 IndyCar Championship

No one has ever achieved the feat of being Formula One World Champion AND IndyCar Champion at the same time, except one man - Nigel Mansell. And here's how he did it. » 4/17/14 9:15am 4/17/14 9:15am

39 Years Ago: The First Long Beach Grand Prix

After IndyCar has been confirmed through 2018 to be the main attraction at one of the most prestigious street races in the world - followed by a pseudo-bidding war with F1 -, American open-wheel racing returns for another round to the west coast city of Long Beach this weekend. » 4/12/14 2:29pm 4/12/14 2:29pm

The Ten Most Infamous Crashes In Racing

Sadly, crashing is an inevitable part of racing. The sport we love has taken many of our heroes, and although tragedy is never pleasant, it's important to remember who we've lost. Here are your suggestions for racing's ten most infamous accidents. » 7/20/10 11:00am 7/20/10 11:00am

BMW Art Cars Exhibitted At LA County Museum of Art

BMW's art cars: the most famous rolling sculptures of all time. For a limited time the LACMA is exhibiting four of the cars, designed by Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol. » 2/12/09 4:30pm 2/12/09 4:30pm

Never Say Die: Alex Zanardi Hops Back Into an F1 Car

We have to say, we can't not back Alex Zanardi, who lost his legs five years ago in a CART wreck with fellow Alex — and fellow vowel-ending-surnamed racing driver — Tagliani. For the first time since his stint with Williams in '99, Zanardi got back into a Formula One car, trading his normal size-9 prosthetic feet for… » 11/24/06 2:45pm 11/24/06 2:45pm

CART's Rumble In San Jose: Paul Tracy vs. Alex Tagliani

"You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house...and if you've got a glass jaw you should watch your mouth..."

—Paul Tracy

» 7/31/06 1:13pm 7/31/06 1:13pm

CART and IRL To Kiss, Possibly Make Up

AutoWeek is reporting that the Indy Racing League and CART (aka Champ Cars, the old Indy Cars, and Who Are All These Forgein Drivers?) might finally merge to form a single open-wheel racing series. IRL honcho Tony George and CART captain Kevin Kalkhoven agreed that the two of them will share ownership of one series.… » 6/28/06 2:04pm 6/28/06 2:04pm

Wiedervereinigung? IRL and Champ Car May Finally Merge

Punkey tossed a heads-up on this one, and well, since we're listening to Minor Threat at the moment, we figured now would be an appropriate time to post it. Apparently, open-wheel mucky-mucks Tony George and Kevin Kalkhoven have been spending a bit of time together lately, talking about how much a deal could work.… » 2/21/06 10:20pm 2/21/06 10:20pm