Drivemode Uses Gestures and Your Voice to Control Your Phone While You Drive

Android: Controlling your phone while you drive isn’t terribly easy. Google Now and other voice assistants can do a lot, but Drivemode takes the idea a step further. It incorporates many of those voice commands with a simple, gesture and color-based interface that’s powerful without being distracting. » 8/31/15 8:50am Today 8:50am

Paris Will Ban Cars for One Day

Most major cities now have their own versions of open streets events that temporarily transform streets into car-free freeways for the day. Some of these have gotten quite expansive: Each Sunday, Bogóta famously closes about 80 miles of streets. But Paris is hoping to best everyone next month by closing a large,… » 8/28/15 10:02pm Friday 10:02pm

If You Want Better Public Transit, You Probably Shouldn't Use Uber

I’m writing this from a train. Without access to a car, I had to make a plan this morning for how to get to an interview: rent a car, ride a bike, take a train and a bus, use an on-demand ride service. I chose the train for a few reasons. But mostly because I believe that choosing public transportation is the best… » 8/26/15 10:20pm Wednesday 10:20pm

Has There Ever Been A Car That Everyone Likes?

Good news, everyone! It’s Thursday! Actually it’s currently Wednesday and I’m writing this early so I can walk around Monterey car week and gawk at vehicles valued higher than the entire economy of Charleston, West Virginia. This is normally the point where I’d tell you to follow me on Twitter for pictures, but I… » 8/13/15 12:30pm 8/13/15 12:30pm

Cleancast: So Many Terrible Messes Happen Inside Your Cars, My God

My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is Freddy Hernandez, a/k/a Tavarish, he of Jalopnik, who joined me to answer some of the questions you’ve asked about cleaning up messes and smells that have befouled your car interiors. I was absurdly excited for this! » 8/06/15 3:00pm 8/06/15 3:00pm

A car and drones spinning around in a circle is a fantastic light show

Here’s a really cool video that’s a little bit trippy and a lot of bit fun. A car and a fleet of quadcopter drones are outfitted with lights and then made to dance and spin and move around while a camera captures them. It’s light painting but with a car and drones as the paintbrush. » 8/01/15 10:27am 8/01/15 10:27am

Driving Australia's Most Challenging Off-Road Trail

For most of Cape York, the remote peninsula north of Cairns that runs parallel to the Great Barrier Reef, the nearest major city isn’t even in Australia, it’s in Papua New Guinea. You know, where head-hunting was a thing up until a couple of decades ago. We just drove through it on the most challenging off-road trail… » 7/21/15 10:23am 7/21/15 10:23am

LA Freeway Looks Post-Apocalyptic After Drones Delay Firefighters

Dozens of charred, abandoned cars made for a surreal landscape after a massive wildfire swept across a major Southern California freeway yesterday afternoon. Early this morning officials confirmed that five drones flying over the scene hindered firefighters’ response and caused the fire to jump the freeway. » 7/18/15 2:25pm 7/18/15 2:25pm

There Are No Accidents

Earlier this week morning commuters witnessed a gruesome scene at a busy Brooklyn intersection. An SUV struck several vehicles then hit a cyclist, tangling the bike’s frame in its tires. The cyclist died immediately, his body covered in a white sheet in the middle of the road. Still, many news outlets reported what… » 7/15/15 6:45pm 7/15/15 6:45pm

Lego's Gorgeous New Ferrari F40 Even Has a Removable V8 Engine

Released back in 1987, almost 30 years ago, the Ferrari F40 is still considered to be one of the greatest supercars of all time. It was the last car that Enzo Ferrari himself personally approved, and Lego has finally immortalized it in plastic bricks with its latest Creator model. » 6/25/15 9:28am 6/25/15 9:28am

Video compares pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car and more

F1 Racing is like driving jets on the ground. NASCAR is like racing monster cars in sheet metal around an oval. Indy Car are powerful beasts themselves. Each type of racing has their own unique demands and needs. Here is a video that shows the difference between pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula E and… » 6/22/15 9:45pm 6/22/15 9:45pm

A Smartphone App Turns a Land Rover Into a Giant RC Car

Have you ever found your car stranded in a parking lot because some neighboring (jerk) drivers have parked too close for you to even open the door? That’s one problem that Jaguar Land Rover’s new prototype remote app can solve, letting you back your vehicle out of a tight spot using your smartphone. » 6/16/15 10:15am 6/16/15 10:15am

This Humanoid Robot That Transforms Into a Car Is Actually Being Built

Roboticists have started work on a Transformer-style humanoid robot that morphs into a car that can drive nearly 40 mph. Not a toy—a human-sized transforming machine. Kinda pie-in-the-sky idea, but a Japanese company is throwing a heap of money into building this thing. » 6/15/15 4:17pm 6/15/15 4:17pm