It's On: Hemi Saratoga versus Mazda RX-7 Drag Race Grudge Match!

Here at the Cain't Git Bayou 24 Hours of LeMons, at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana, we just saw our first-ever Hemi-powered Chrysler. Since there's a dragstrip here, the quarter-mile trash-talking started immediately. » 5/01/10 1:00am 5/01/10 1:00am

Vultures and Bombshells Make For Great Mercedes Advertising

Back in the 50s, the only advertising a gullwinged Mercedes needed was a Mexican vulture through the windshield. Fifty years later, the bird has been replaced by a Bavarian bombshell styled like an avian robot of doom. » 1/13/10 2:00pm 1/13/10 2:00pm

2,200 Miles Across Mexico In A 1964 Alfa Romeo: El Taxi Perdido Takes…

Alfa Romeo maestro Conrad Stevenson doesn't just restore vintage racers for well-heeled clients- he's entering a 45-year-old Giulia in the 2009 Carrera Panamericana! » 10/24/09 1:00pm 10/24/09 1:00pm

When The Germans Came to Formula One

Brawn GP's inaugural 1–2 victory in Melbourne was no stranger to their engine supplier Mercedes-Benz: it was exactly the same fashion as how they debuted in Formula One in 1954 with their epic W196. » 4/02/09 4:45pm 4/02/09 4:45pm

Ideal Jalopnik Official Staff Car Located

The Gawker Overlords have so far refused to buy us an Official Jalopnik Vehicle, no matter how much we've tried to convince them that something like a Citröen SM or Tatra 603 would give us such unassailable credibility that our competitors would simply fold their tents and go home. Now we've found what may be the » 3/25/08 8:00am 3/25/08 8:00am

Project Car Hell: Abarth A112 or Carrera Panamericana Citroen?

It looks like the Jalopnik readership did some agonized soul-searching and decided to go with the 308/Esprit combo over the somewhat imcomplete 365 at a 7-to-3 ratio in yesterday's Cheap Ferrari Edition Choose Your Eternity poll. But an Italian car versus an Anglo-Italian 2-fer brings to mind an interesting PCH… » 2/08/08 5:30pm 2/08/08 5:30pm